winePad is efficient

Writing wine lists, researching details, changing vintages, correcting lists, translating, printing, replacing... leave all this time-consuming work to us! We digitize your selection so that you can access it anytime and anywhere in perfect condition.

Export - Import

This versatile tool opens up a wide range of work savings, as all winePad data (article number, price, quantity, stock number, etc.) can be synchronized with other systems via Excel tables. Exports for your own use (e.g. inventory lists) are also no problem at all.



With our calculation tool, the desired sales price of each individual product can be calculated automatically. A wide range of calculation variants are available for this purpose, tailored to the respective category and prevailing pricing policy.

User evaluation

With the report tool, a lot of information about customer behavior is suddenly available: "What criteria do users search for?" or "Which wine is the most popular in which time period?" and much more. Essential for targeted product placement!

Stock and product range management

With the help of winePad cellar management, even this bureaucratic part of wine cellar management is fun. Simple, efficient and informative. Purchases and cellar outgoings are tracked with just a few clicks and entered in real time, the cellar report shows the detailed history of each product and even when the wine has been drunk it remains in the archive.
Of course, solutions for different storage locations, individual groupings and personal comments are also provided.