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Professional data curation

Our content team consists of sommeliers and wine academics, all of whom have already worked in gastronomy. The wines are described competently and appealingly. Wherever possible, the data comes directly from the producers and accuracy is guaranteed.


In our wine encyclopaedia, a living, constantly expanding wine lexicon, we share our extensive wine knowledge with all winePad users. This means that both guests and employees can access a wealth of specific background information.

Detailed product description

A wine is entered into our database in three steps. It begins with a detailed introduction of the producer, followed by a general description of the wine with details of origin or a recommendation for consumption, and ends with the vintage-specific data, such as a description of the taste, analytical data, vinification history, ratings or the bottle image. As vintages can be very variable, we consider and describe each vintage as a separate element. The complete description of a vintage can contain up to 200 data records.