Saving paper

The paper industry devours valuable raw materials such as wood and water and consumes a lot of energy. Paper is also becoming increasingly expensive. Using the winePad app drastically reduces this consumption. The guest devices do not waste any additional resources and our iPads are refurbed, i.e. remanufactured devices. Hardware manufacturers are well ahead of politicians in this respect, e.g. Apple is committed to making its supply chain and products 100% climate-neutral by 2030!


The app that sticks

The guest scans the QR code and is asked to place the app on their home screen - i.e. its logo appears in a row with Facebook, WhatsApp & Co and is a small, but not unimportant, daily reminder.


Training tool & knowledge transfer

With its in-depth information on each individual wine, winePad is also an ideal tool for improving the specialized knowledge of your employees. In a team during training sessions, but also individually ... great expertise, easily accessible, tailored to your products.



With various features, individual wines or product groups can be specially advertised or highlighted (e.g. recommendations, wines of the day, rarities, etc.). A news pop-up on the start screen offers additional space for further advertising (e.g. events, promotions, etc.).


Personal support

We know our customers and they know us, because in our small team, great things only happen together and in close cooperation with our users. That's why our support team is (almost) always personally available to resolve any uncertainties immediately.
For an update in the winepad app, a short message is enough and within a short time the wine is updated in the database with the vintage-specific details.