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Efficient assortment presentation - always up to date

In recent decades, large-format, colorful catalogs have been the time-consuming and cost-intensive calling card of every beverage retailer. Meticulously designed and elaborately manufactured, they quickly ended up in customers' drawers and were often out of date by the time they were published.

It's time to break new ground with the efficient assortment presentation of winePad

Product presentation made easy...
With winePad, the selection is always up-to-date, because every update is immediately applied in real time to all media, including the customizable print version, and the effort required for updates is reduced to a minimum.

Sales made easy...
No more thick sales folders, no more data sheet chaos - neither for the sales staff nor for the customers. Everyone has access to the appealing and detailed presentation of wines, prices and terms from their digital device - whether in the wine shop or directly at the customer's premises. The user-friendly interface enables the integration of a wide variety of price scales, discounts and promotions with just a few clicks.

Data administration made easy ....
The professional and sales-promoting processing of data for the various sales platforms costs every company a lot of time and money in the form of research, professional text and image design and daily data maintenance. An enormous effort that ties up a lot of resources. Our specialized content team takes on all of this work in a timely and professional manner.

Customer retention made easy...
The free supply of printed drinks and wine lists for customers is a popular and practical method of acquiring and retaining customers. With winePad's wine list generator, this time-consuming work becomes effortless and simple. Countless design options, tailored to the respective needs of customers, put the product selection in the right light with just a few clicks and promote wine sales.
As a winePad partner, you also give your customers the opportunity to use the complete winePad application with digital and analog presentation as well as a personal management level at special conditions.
Win(e)-win(e) on all levels!

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