Connect online sales with colleagues and set up your own Internet platform

The perfect solution for brand, distribution or regional communities. Possible with minimal effort thanks to wPshop!

More and more producers are looking for suitable ways to offer their wines on a professional e-commerce marketplace without having to create a store solution themselves. Here you are the perfect partner with your online marketplace and benefit in many ways yourself:

* By expanding your product portfolio, you achieve better diversification and therefore better customer loyalty and an increase in your customer base - keyword: everything from a single source.


* A larger wine selection means more visitors to your store, i.e. better search engine rankings, which in turn leads to more visitors and better sales - a spiral of success for you and your retail partners.


* Synergies can be optimally bundled through the specific expertise of your colleagues, uniform sales arguments increase visibility and your store becomes the TOP online marketplace in the wine sector.



This development aims to revolutionize the wine trade. Digital wine lists and online stores are networked on the large winePad marketplace. Guests can order their favorite wine directly from the producer via the restaurant wine list. The restaurant thus becomes a subdivision of the winery.


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